The Ace of Spades

Setting of this WOD:

Location: Florida (map available)
This coastal city has a long, strange, and somewhat unpleasant history, filled with mysterious deaths, disappearances, and other bizarre occurances. Among the oddities are the network of unusual caves, and the massive forest in the northwest quadrant of the city limits - though the trees are all alive, the forest seems devoid of any other kind of life. In the middle of this forest is an equally massive mansion. It has been there since as far back as the founders of the city can remember, and no one can remember anyone ever living or claiming to own the house. Over the decades people have disappeared, rumors that these unfortunate souls tried to stay in the mansion, and paid for it with their lives. Though the supposed investigations into the house have never turned up anything.

On the surface however, Cacibajagua seems like a wonderful middle-sized city. It's diversified businesses have helped the city weather the recession well, and even shown growth in some areas. The crime is kept fairly well contained in the south-west part of the city, which is also home to the cities handful of strip clubs, adult entertainment locations, and the best part of town for most illegal transactions. OOC note: All the information on the site is designed with the "general public" in mind. It is from the aspect that if Joe Average were to walk into a city and ask around about things or read the papers, this is the information he'd find out.