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Downtown is a metropolis of modern business. Even more so since the introduction of Pentex import/export business and research labs. Upscale restaurants, hotels, as well as manufacturing and tech jobs are abundant, with plenty of upscale and middle-class suburban areas dotted along the southern coast of the city and further inland.

The club exterior
The outside of the club looks like something out of the 1920’s. With it’s black, chrome-highlighted styling and ornate brass handled doors. Inside the club is much more modern, the main club primarily plays house/techno music, with some slight variations to the theme on any given night. Waitresses make rounds around the club with shooter trays and glow-sticks and such. There is another door center-opposite of the bar with a brass plaque with 'MEMBERS ONLY' engraved into it. This door is remotely locked, apparently controled from behind the bar. Anyone who asks how they become members is usually told "If you have to ask..."

Behind that door is a more ‘classy’ part of the club. Dark wood, soft lighting, checkered marble floors. The chairs and booths are all plush and in a dark red that suits the room nicely. In step with this decorating scheme the room has finely crafted pool tables, tastefully hung plants and the here bar has a more decorative liquor display (mirrored and lit shelves, with chrome tints and black lighting coming from under the bar, giving the liquids in the bottles a surreal glow.
There is a single heavy looking oak door in the ‘members only’ section that presumably leads to the office, although no one has ever been seen going into or out of the office, and if anyone knows who the owner is, they aren’t talking.

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Hawthorne Manor
Hawthorne Manor is as massive as it is stunning. The main house (pictured) has over forty thousand square feet of living space, making it one of the top ten privately owned residences. The sprawling grounds also has many other "guest homes" of different styles, including a small castle that was brought over from overseas. In addition to the decorative ponds, the sprawling land that the estate sits on is carved out by its own high-current river, requiring a bridge to cross, met by a security guard station. Then again, with so much beauty, money, and talent all concentrated in one location, it's no wonder privacy and security were a consideration.

The Emperor condominiums are the most luxurious condos in city, and possibly in the state. With community amenities that rival 5 star hotels, concierge service, state of the art security and a safety deposit box vault. The penthouse is owned by the somewhat reclusive and secretive (or just extremely elitist) Gregory Sween.

Hawthorne Hotel
Like the Emperor Condos, the Hawthorne Hotel is one of the most luxurious in the city, matched only by the importance it puts on the confidentiality of it's guests and discreetly seeing to their needs.

Situated near the western edge of the city, Howl at the Moon is the city's premier jazz and blues club. Part piano bar, part concert. The band sometimes allows sit-ins and takes special requests. The only draw back is the club does seem to be a bit clique-ish and some people have said they've felt scrutinized while there - others reported nothing but a good time and pleasant people.

Off one of the bypass roads in a sandy, isolated section on the fringe of the city is the Last Round biker bar. The building is a bit ramshackle, build to take a beating and be easily repaired. And it sees its fair share of beatings, thanks to the typical customers there. The bartenders are grizzled veterans of the open road, and don't mind guys flexing their beer muscles, but when it gets out of hand, they have no hesitations about using a shotgun to sober people up.

The glimmering mirrored-finish glass of the south-eastern Pentex headquarters and pleasantly perky landscaping make for a remarkably disarming scene, portraying a smooth, friendly efficiency and high-tech edge. The lobby is equally as nice, with soft benches for sitting, polished marble floor, faux-antinqued brass door elevators, leafy potted plants and cheerful front desk security. Though like any photograph, the brighter the picture, the darker the negative.

Essex Manor
This neo-Gothic structure is nestled firmly in the center of the forests north of the city. A disturbing radius exudes from the place, keeping animals far away from it and filling most people with an uneasiness at best, and a slowly onsetting panic attack at worst. The immediate grounds around the residence always seem to be disturbingly well groomed, and the manor itself is without any broken windows, busted down doors, or anything else that would indicate it's true age or that it is seemingly abandoned.
The inside of the manor is almost laughably cliche. Suits of old armor, antique furniture randomly covered with sheets, peeling and age-faded paint or wallpaper. What takes the mirth out of the situation is the intially subtle glyphs and symbols on some of the doors, the odd sounds that seem to come randomly from all points, a strong sensation of being watched and worst of all, the path to exit the place seems to change...

The ComplexThe Complex Office Bldg.
This industrial and office building complex was shut down some years ago for unknown reasons. Even the identity of who owned the business or currently owns the property has become buried in confusing paperwork. Rumors about the complex vary widely, from toxic waste spills that were buried (figuratively and literally), to secret government programs and hidden bases. All that's known is despite it's delapidated exterior, no one has bragged about getting passed the security fences or challenging the potency of the various warning signs posted along them. The local police do seem to take an interest in being seen on the few roads that lead to it, possibly a deterrent to prevent someone from being hurt there while trespassing, perhaps more.