Kindred Status, Titles, Classes

Status, Notoriety and Title
Kindred that stay out of the politics or city-events except when it serves their needs may find it difficult to gain positive recognition among those in positions of power or influence. Once attained, care must be taken, for these recognitions can be easy to lose. ((The definitions are guidelines to give an idea of what a character has acheived. The character may be able to point to an event that meets a status criteria but may not be awarded that item. This is where politics, favor mongering, chatting with the Harpies or other gossipers, and being consistent with various traits comes into play.))

Status levels
One of the typical aspects to the hierarchy of Kindred society. There are flavors of Status. Clan Status and Court Status. Both are a measure of ones deeds and social values. This means something that increases Status for one clan might decrease it for another. Likewise, something that improves your standing in court, may diminish it with your clan. With the overall smaller population of most clans in this city, the Prince's recognition is the more weighted, and official word.

1. Known: Your character is a known member of his clan or recognized by the court as being in good standing. He still is wet behind the ears, but hes got potential and has so far shown that he may not be a waste of the Blood. He is accepted, but is too green to have much influence. Hes allowed to sit at the grown-up table and that is pretty cool.

2. Credible: Your character is in very good standing. He has managed to prove that his Sire was in his right mind when he Embraced your character. He is even getting some begrudging recognition for his efforts to keep his nose clean. Your character might have also made a minor contribution by bringing the Clan a juicy secret, by providing needed service to the city (voluntarily), bringing down an enemy to the Clan, etc. Hes been sitting at the grown-up table for a little while now and is starting to get the hang of how things work so much so that when he speaks a few people listen to what hes got to say. +1 Die to Kindred Social Rolls.

3. Respected: Your character is in excellent standing. His efforts to keep his nose clean and support the Clan/City/Camarilla have gained him a measure of respect as hes now entrusted with meaningful tasks. If hes shrewd and Machiavellian enough, he can leverage the access to his personal advantage. He likely has jealous rivals that plot against him. Hes definitely a fixture at the grown-up table by now. In fact hes one of the grown-ups who the younger clanmates look to for guidance so hes got to set an example. When he has something to say, people do take note and give him his share of time at the podium. +2 Dice to Kindred Social Rolls.

4. Admired: Your character is a leading member of his clan and in the city. His Sire might even be a bit envious. Other Kindred want what he has and plot against him actively and in secret, though they give him respect and a wide berth publically. He is one of the heads of the grown-up table and often helps Clan elders lead the conversations and meetings. When he has something to say, people rearrange the speaking times to accommodate his schedule to make sure that he is heard. +3 Dice to Kindred Social Rolls.

5. Revered: Your character is a leader of his Clan. His Sire is either extremely envious or full of pride. The Sire also may be a bit relieved as he now has the freedom of withdrawing into Torpor, knowing that family matters are left in such capable hands. Other clanmates (or Kindred) fear his influence. While they plot against him, they likely will not make a move unless it means that your character will not survive to exact vengeance. He has come to the aid of his Clan or Court on countless occasions and is either one of the major political player, one of the most ardent supporters of the court or most feared muscle. He is at the head of the grown-up table and he leads conversations and sets agendas for meetings. When he has something to say, meetings are called and everyone who can shows up to listen. +4 Dice to Kindred Social Rolls.

Notoriety levels
Notoriety is the opposite of Status. These are black marks on your record, and can lead to some very unfortunate circumstances in one's unlife.

1. Unlearned: You've had minor breaches of the Traditions, or you've bungled Kindred social interactions one too many times, and word is getting around. +1 Difficulty to Kindred Social Rolls.

2. Disrespectful: You've broken the Traditions, maybe in minor ways, but did it negligently. You knew it was wrong, you just didn't care. Maybe you tried to get a little too creative with a edict or interpretation of the Traditions. Maybe your jokes are a little too barbed, or you confuse vulgarity for freedom of speech a little too often in polite company. +2 Difficulty to Kindred Social interactions ((there are exclusions/leniency to the penalty here. Like most Brujah wouldn't give a fuck about these things, and might even see it as a badge of courage)).

3. Persona Non Grata: The Kindred has either fucked up enough, breached the Traditions enough, or has alienated Kindred enough that they don't want to be around the offending party. Barring an order from the Prince, most Kindred aren't likely to raise a hand to help.

4. Waste of Blood: Kindred now may actively work to undermine you. Help you finish digging your grave and then put you in it. Your sire likely regret his choices, and your poor standing may impact him if he visits your city. You are in danger, and it's only thinly veiled.

5. Blood Hunt: Yup. You done fucked up good and hard. Your best bet is to try to get out of town as quickly as possible. Go to some sleepy little town, buy a burial plot, and go into Torpor for a few decades then hope you're forgotten when you wake up. Try to start over with a new name. Otherwise, you'll find yourself in an urn.

Straight forward, these are the titles found in most Camarilla cities. Most, except for the title of Prince, are bestowed by the Prince. The paranoid Prince of Cacibajagua makes little use of these, and does not apologize for it.

1. Prince: the defacto authority of a city.

2. Seneschal: the 2nd in command. Acts as the Prince's proxy and is a trusted confidant.

3. Primogen: usually the leader of a clan in the city. They typically handle clan business, and act as a proxy for clan concerns to the Prince.

4. Harpies: not a true court title, but one that is more earned from their intense Kindred social engagement, knowledge or manipulations. They tend to track boons and status/standing of people in the court... and love to Gossip about it. No one in this city jumps out on this topic, but there are at least a few people well connected enough to hear the important going-ons and what the Prince thinks about most Kindred.

5. Whips: Primogen 2nd in command.

6. The Sheriff: Typically feared and rightly so. This is usually someone the Prince trusts to carry out orders, protect the city, and is formidable enough to face off against most physical challenges.

7. Deputy: You are the right hand of the Sheriff. You have the power to enforce Kindred societys laws and to ensure punishment for those who break them or defy the will of the court. You have sweeping freedom of action... and many watching for you to slip up or abuse it.

8. Keeper of Elysium: Something akin to a Deputy to the Sheriff, with a focus on watching for, preventing, reporting, and covering up Masquerade breaches.

9. The Scourge: SWAT or Black Ops. This is the person that plays bad cop, all the time. They typically have narrow orders with great depth to them, and take care of issues that could be politically problematic to the Prince, as well as aid in war efforts.