Bartender's Soundbites

Wisdom & Rumor from Warner. Oh, and Boons. ((mixed Kindred and Kine info, depending on where you're talking with Warner))

Boon Holder Boon Giver Boon Type Expiration
Gregory Sween "Q" Minor x2 None
Gregory Sween Lily Bennett Minor None
Mavia ibnah Septimia Camarilla Council Major None
Mavia ibnah Septimia Gregory Sween Minor x2 None
Gregory Sween Camarilla Council Major None
Wallace Archer Camarilla Council Major None
Elise Malfatti Camarilla Council Major None
'The Doctor' Kyle Underhill Major None
Darius Adar Pedrosa Trivial None
Gregory Sween Pasqua Hawthorne Major None
Morgan Jones Mavia Minor None
Pedrosa Kyle Minor None
Clara White Gregory Sween Minor None
Kyle Gregory Sween Minor None
Pedrosa Gregory Sween Minor None
Kiyoshi Clara White Minor None
Gregory Sween The Doctor 2x Minor None
Clara White The Doctor Minor None
Kyle Underhill Elena Major None

"The Kindred population is growing, and not as many are just passing through anymore. I guess the Prince knows when it's time to expand the court... in this case, the appointment of Seneschal to Mavia ibnah Septimia. Classier and more social than most Tremere I've talked to over the years. How did Mr. Archer take the news? I guess he took it well, he looks about as intimidating as he always does."

"Essex Manor? From what I've heard, it was like Stephen King wrote an episode of Supernatural and it came to life. I heard the Tremere finally unraveled it's mysteries enough that it's changed. And supposedly safer."

"Lily's Presentation to the court went really well. Though the Prince shared a opinion Q had on having childer at all." "Did you hear that Kyle was appointed Sheriff? I guess The Prince figures that there's enough Kindred here now that someone needs to be on that job a little more proactively. Coincidentally, The Doc is down a major boon."

"Spekaing of Kyle, more to him than the average rage-against-the-machine Brujah. Nice to see. I'm sure others appreciate it, too."

"Boons are a funny thing, aren't they? A trivial effort for one person might be major effort for another. I wonder if people take that into consideration when asking for boons, or if they go by their own personal scale."

"The Tremere are working to make a name for themselves again here. There's at least three of them. Isn't there something in Wicca or Paganism about the power of three? Or was that made up for that tv show about the witches?"

"The Doc? If aloof and affable can coexist, I think he's nailed it. Probably a good thing that it's tough to get under his skin."

"The redhead? Which redhead? The French one or the Russian one? Yeah, that's Abigael, Pasqua's newest ghoul. She's sharp with numbers, and seems to have picked up her Disciplines damn quick. I guess that's part of why Pasqua refers to her as 'protege'."

"Ohhh, now you want to talk about the French redhead. Yeah, once upon a time she was the 'official' Harpy. You know that Harpy isn't really an official title though, right? It's just whoever flits around socially the best and hits that right balance of what they hear, what they share, and with who. Don't look at me that way. We didn't try to steal it, she just jumped back into her music."

"Q? Still rivers run deep. If you go testing those depths, you might wind up with a boot to the head. Or a dissertation on economic models and their impact to societal structures. ... why are you looking at me that way? You think just because he's Brujah that he's not smart?"

"Yeah, the city just dealt with Ossain, a werewolf that figured out the benefits of being a ghoul, and was apparently unbondable. Supposedly it was 500 years old. But even a 500 year old Kindred-killer can't stand long against the modern weapons of the Kine."

"Trinten? Trinten doesn't get drunk. Biggest issue we have with him is making sure he doesn't get other people overserved when he decides it's Happy Hour."

"You want to get to know Morgan? It's not impossible. She's not one for idle chit-chat unless she's bored. You gotta connect with her on something. Ask her about her Chevy."

"Blondes have more fun. Just ask Annette!"

"If anyone had issues with Darius not acting like a Ventrue before, they shouldn't now."