Warner Bros.
Vital Stats
Name: The Warner Brothers
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'
Age: Mid 30's
Nationality: American
Quote: "Should I get you your usual?"

Part psychologist, part psychic, and part philosopher, the Warner twins are the perfect bartenders. The Warners hear a lot of things first hand, and even more from the waitresses. Like any bartender worth his salt, they know what the word on the street is, and got a little bit of dirt on just about everybody, and know better than to go around blabbing about it.
They’re almost always friendly, and just seem like the perfect guys to vent your frustrations; however, they have short patience for rude men, and have been known to take care of a few really belligerent people on their own with a hands-on approach.
Only one brother mans the main bar at any given time (when one is there at all), so most people never even realize that there is a twin - unless they've been in the Members Only area, where the other twin works.