Trinten MacGyver
Vital Stats
Name: Trinten MacGyver
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Height: 6'
Age: Early 30's
Nationality: American
More Pictures: Here
Quote: "Don't let the cars and suits fool you. I'm no blueblood. They know the price of everything and value nothing. I know the value of everything, and don't care about the price."

Trinten's almost always-present smile seems to radiate optimism and friendliness. To call him 'Charming' would be a gross understatement. Probably one of the most amiable people in the city, Trinten is just about everyone’s friend. Not much is known about him, except he has such a capacity for alcohol, some people suspect it's a scam-show between him and Warner. He is a show off, he flaunts his collection of pristine high-end, ultra-rare and custom cars; gladly risking them in street races. He is outgoing, playful and his tastes are refined but far from snobbish.
Trinten spends most of his time street racing, free-running and finding new ways to push his limits.
Strange that a man with the influence and wealth he flaunts seems to be after little more than a good time...