Vital Stats
Name: Quentin Davenport III
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'8"
Age: Late 30's
Nationality: American
Quote: "Be who you gotta be, but don't fuck with other peoples lives unless they fuck with yours first."

The anti-quintessential rich kid, he also seems to be anti-astablishment and anti-authority. Having turned away from Manhattan and all the finer things in life because his parents were "Stuffy assholes" he began hanging with his friends in Brooklyn, his size and physique certainly earned him a lot of respect, friends, and even enemies, though the latter did not last very long. He was sent to Arizona to help out some gang members and despite his short stay he was changed forever. After a stop in Detroit where his new girlfriend got them chased out of the city he travelled some more until they parted there ways and now resides somewhere in or near Cacibajagua.