Vital Stats
Name:Pasqua "Poison" Hawthorne
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown
Age:Early 30's
Theme song (OOC) Killer Queen
Quote:"Knowledge will earn you power, but character will earn you respect."

The often calm and calculating Pasqua Hawthorne is a dangerous foe to those foolish enough to become such. Only those who know her very well can accurately gauge her moods, but no one ever claims to know what she is thinking.
Other than being the eldest child of Hope Hawthorne, little specific information can be found on this mysterious woman. She runs a media conglomorate, a multi-national real estate company, a collector of fine automobiles, ancient artifacts, and powerful weaponry. Reasons for the choices of what brings her money in and what she spends it on are anyones guess, although it is obvious she has a lot of it.

Her most outstanding feature is how she handles herself. She moves with a self-assured grace and air of authority that is typical of Royalty, always moving at her own pace, with the expectation of command of those around her.


Aural Dissonance

Various Artists
A Very Mara Christmas