Kine News!

((OOC note: This is one of the potential benefits of the wiki or forums, and why we are playing around with putting one of those back in the website. Keep in mind time doesn't move according to the real world calendar in this game, so dates are left vague intentionally. Roughly organized as newest to oldest.))

Pasqua Hawthorne announces charity poker tournament

Pasqua Hawthorne has announced another of her infrequent and whimsical charity benefits. The well known music and modeling mogul, hotelier, and aspiring commercial real estate developer has announced that the winner of the poker tournament will be able to give 80% of the tournaments final pot to a validated charity of their choice. The remaining 20% will go to a validated chairty of Miss Hawthorne's choice.
The tournament will be held over the course of two evenings at her stunning hotel in Cacibajagua. She has even offered discounts to any players from out of town who opt to stay at the hotel. The grand ballroom will be used for the tournament for those who can meet the buy-in. For those who can't but still want to donate, a charity dinner and social event will be in the second, smaller, reception room. We are told it will be buffet style, prepared by Michelin star chefs for the paltry sum of fifty dollars. This reception room can comfortably host 100 people.
And what about that buy-in? There will be 100 seats, available on a first come, first served basis for the initial buy-in of 500 thousand dollars. Subsequent buy-ins are allowed at 100 thousand until the last-table-standing, at which point buy-in will be limited to one, in the interests of time. While this may give pause to most of us, wondering if all the seats will be filled, Miss Hawthorne has assured us guests are already scheming on how to make sure they'll have a seat.
The list of guests is already notable, with some fashion and music industry icons confirming their attendance as well as well known philatropists. It's not known how many of them will be playing or socializing. When asked if she would be playing, Miss Hawthorne gave one of her well known enigmatic smiles, saying "It wouldn't be appropriate for me to ignore my guests to participate. Though I do have someone in mind to play as a proxy for me."
Given her network of friends and business partners, speculation has run wild, with names like Antonio Esfandiari, Erik Seidel, and Fedor Holz being thrown along with many others.
And what charity will that 20% go to? "This year, it will be the Union of Concerned Scientists. They are a non-profit think tank that applies unbiased, rigorous attention to some of the most common, and quickly growing problems we have today. Renewable energy. climate change, and mass food production are among their top focuses, but not their only focus. Their findings have been cited and used to inform and steer legislature over the years. Being a multi-discipline organization allows fresh eyes and concepts to be applied to old problems. It's remarkable how often the thought process and learning from one branch of science can impact an unrelated one."

Natural Gas Pipeline Fracture Causes Evacuation

Recently a natural gas pipeline under a local Cacibajagua Subdivision ruptured. This was the main line that supplied the neighborhood, allowing for easy paths for the leaked gas to build under any of the homes there. To reduce the risk of multiple explosions or fires, the city cut power to the area and vacated the residents while repairs were completed.

Despite precautions, one home did still fall victim to the gas under/in the home igniting, destorying the home. The upside to this even is that the home was unoccupied.