Morgan Jones
Vital Stats
Name:Morgan Jones
Hair Color:Medium-dark honey Brown
Eye Color:Blue - shade varies on mood
Age:Early 20's
Build:Slim, athletic, has tattoos, occasionally has piercings
Quote:"You're either on my side, by my side, or in my fucking way."
More pictures:here

It was supposed to be a temporary stop on her way to Miami. Just a place to enjoy the nightlife for a little while and maybe catch a bite to eat. That was more than a few years ago now.
Things stay relatively quiet in this seemingly sleepy little city. Cacibajagua doesn't attract a lot of attention and that suits Morgan just fine. She ain't the sort to seek out a lot of attention anyway. But she's got a reason to hang around for a little while longer. One that's made staying in one spot more appealing at any rate. Though there are some that probably don't care much for that. Ask her sometime if she gives a damn. She didn't come to this place to make friends, after all.