Hawthorne Manor

The main house

Hawthorne Manor is as massive as it is stunning. The main house (pictured) has over forty thousand square feet of living space, making it one of the top ten privately owned residences in the United States.

The sprawling grounds also has many other "guest homes" of different styles, including a French Baroque cheateau, a Renaissance German castle, and an English castle that was brought over from overseas. Along with these are two modern constructed, and much more modest, homes near the main house.

In addition to the decorative ponds, the sprawling land that the estate sits on is carved out by its own high-current river, requiring a bridge to cross, met by a security guard station. Rumor is the grounds has other security precautions as well, though well hidden.

Some with so much beauty, money, and talent all concentrated in one location, it's no wonder privacy and security were a consideration.