Put up a picture and bio of your character here! It's recommended you only post what could be easily discovered. Height, hair, eyes, etc., observable behavior. Leave some intrigue for RP!
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Name: Trinten MacGyver ( rumored he also has a number of aliases. Or maybe this is the alias?)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye color: Sapphire blue
Height: 6'
Apparent age: 30's
Nationality: American
More pictures:
Theme Song (OOC): Uptown Funk (music video in link puts the song to Golden Age / Silver age stars dancing, which is fitting to Trinten's Artdeco meets modern partyboy style)
Song that he identifies with due to it's tongue-in-cheek, self-aware swaggering: Dean Martin, "Mr. Wonderful"
Quote: "Don't let the cars and suits fool you. I'm not a blueblood. They know the price of everything and value nothing. I know the value of everything, and don't think about the price."

Appearance: 3
Charisma: 5
Intimidation: Nothing directly... but have you seen the people hangs out with?

Trinten's almost always-present smile to radiates confidence and friendliness. To call him 'Charming' would be a gross understatement. Probably one of the most amiable people in the city, Trinten has a large network of friends.

His most notable traits are his legendary tolerance for alcohol, some people suspect it's a scam-show between him and Warner. He is a show off, he flaunts his collection of high-end, ultra-rare or custom cars; risking them in street races. His tastes and knowledge of other cultures (or, Sub-cultures) are broad, though he doesn't come across as elitist.

He has stories from gallivanting all over the globe, attending or hosting epic parties, and doing things to differing degrees of illegality just for the rush. Strange that a man with the influence and wealth he flaunts seems to be after little more than a good time... or maybe he's just a bored trust fund baby.

His lack of active participation in social media hasn't gone unnoticed. When asked about it, he often shrugs off the question, commenting that he'd rather spend time making memories than trying to document and edit them. He gets his 'likes' in person. This doesn't mean he isn't out there as part of other people's feeds. Backgrounds at car shows, or with racing cars, or parties. He politely turns down selfies with others if they plan to post them. On this he comments, with a jovial tone and bright smile, that keeping his alibi's flexible makes things better for everyone.
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