Initial storyline - Kindred vanished

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Initial storyline - Kindred vanished

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The Camarilla Council will be assembling an investigatory group to travel to Cacibajagua, Florida. It appears almost the entire population of Kindred there (estimated between 25 and 40) have vanished. This was brought to the attention of Princes in neighboring cities when ghouls from Cacibajagua started showing up in need for a fix.

These Princes tried various means to reach out to their contacts in the city after talking with each other. They did not send anyone to investigate, fearing the potential loss of their own subjects. All the Kindred that were known to be in the city, except for the Toreador Primogen, have vanished.

Pertinent information:
Elysium was held at the state's shuttered asylum. Remote enough to not be casually noticed, but easy to reach quickly with intent.

Prince: Mathias Walloughby. Ventrue with a passing hobby in exploring non-Kindred occult. He was granted Domain over the city after unofficially guiding it for a number of decades, growing it from a small town. Haven: unknown. His time and influence in the city would have given him ample opportunities to build and hide at least one haven.

Discussions with the ghouls turned up the following information on his whereabouts. Besides being seen in the vicinity of the Kine places of political power, it's rumored he was commonly spotted at or near the following locations: the industrial area by the coast, the Emperor Condos, the caves, two particular parking garages and of course Elysium. For the last few years he had also been spending time at the city's new Diamond Casino, which is owned by the only Kindred who did not vanish (more on her and the Casino later). Mostly recently it was noticed he was visiting a coffee shop and meeting with man who carried himself with "quiet authority and cold focus". The purpose of these meetings was never disclosed, but the Prince often seemed to be in a pensive mood prior and after such meetings.

Seneschal: Kessington Odhiambo. Nosferatu. Though uncommon for a Ventrue to work so closely with a Nosferatu, Kessington's proper British education in an affluent part of Kenya and passion for order/structure, and loyalty to the Traditions earned the Prince's favor. Kessington's ability to dispassionately evaluate situations earned the Prince's trust, and his wisdom in how to handle those situations earned Kessington the position. As a politeness to the Prince and court, he used his 'Mask of 1000 faces' to appear normal anytime he was in public; though he was still fond of the passive-aggressive tactic the Nosferatu would have of insisting private meetings requested with him be in some dank and disgusting place, forcing Kindred to subject themselves to mire and muck. If they declined, the Seneschal would often quip "It must not be that important to you." and dismiss their request. The Prince and other officers of the court were excluded from such treatment, of course. His haven is someplace in the sewers.

Notable Primogen:
Tremere: Saldonna Deandra was the Regent and Primogen of the city. She and the Prince did not see eye to eye. Among the points of contention were his instructions that the Tremere never take any actions in the caves without him being present. This of course limited what the Tremere would be willing to do, lest their rituals be seen by outside forces. There were rumors the Tremere would try to sneak there without him, but it was never proven.

The location of their Chantry is known to the Tremere. Given the unusual circumstances, the Council has ordered Clan Tremere to allow the investigating troupe to accompany Tremere members into the Chantry (against the Tremere's many noted objections). The investigating party is not to photograph or remove anything from the Chantry without Tremere permission.

Brujah: Billy "Badass" Baviak. Run of the mill Rabble with a penchant for Che Guevara inspired rants and intimidating others by punching holes through poured concrete with a single strike. Unsurprisingly often at odds with the Prince and Seneschal. Despite a Jewish background, his flair for speaking and rallies for social and economic equity and personal freedom, coupled with his quickness to employ devastating violence gave him control of one of the larger Hispanic gangs in the city. Had a love for gambling and was on surprisingly good terms with the casino owner, Kismet Elmas.
His haven is known, a derelict house on the south side of the city.

Toreador: Kismet Elmas. Seemed to be of Turkish descent and was able to bankroll the opening of her Casino. Often described as friendly and sometimes flirtatious. Her casino quickly became something of a secondary meeting place for the City's Kindred, the masses of moving people, irregular layouts of aisles, and various gaming rooms and VIP areas made inconspicuous meeting easy. She claims she was out of the city at the time of the disappearances, on business in Atlanta, potentially looking to open up another location.

Malkavian: Tom "Radio" Ecks. Tom believed he could 'hear' radio waves - or electromagnetic signals of various kinds - and that's how he had his 'insight'. He also claimed that he could hear them because the chip the CIA implanted in his head was malfunctioning, and they couldn't control him like they did everyone else...
Highly, and openly, mistrusting of many Kindred, he was still useful guidance for the Prince. He would often go on incomprehensible rants when around certain Kindred for too long, and gradually the list of Kindred that would set him into a fervor grew. He apparently vanished a few months before anyone else. The Prince assumed he did something crazy enough to get himself killed. His haven was a shop in town that sold educational games, teaching toys, puzzles of all kinds, robotics and electronics kits (for children through adults). The store owner was his ghoul, and thankfully has not lost his marbles.

Sheriff: Fabio Giovanni, of the Giovanni clan. While the Prince wasn't completely sold on the admission of the Giovanni to the Camarilla, they have proved themselves useful, and the Giovanni's use of spirits to investigate situations went a long way to keeping Kindred on their toes and being sure to treat him nicely... afterall, if he says a wraith told him something, how would one dispute it?
His haven is unknown.

Locations of interest:

Besides investigating the Havens, these locations might yield clues about what happened.

Diamonds Casino: The aforementioned Casino owned by Kismet. It's not massive, but large enough to comfortably entertain its guests and always has room for larger groups from out of town.

The Caves: They have some esoteric or occult connections dating back to pre-settlement. The Prince was interested in them and investigating them was something of a hobby of his.

Howl at the Moon: While the dog-stink shifters are not normally known for having any real sense of civility, it seems the Howl at the Moon is owned and operated by werewolves. It is located at the northern edge of the city. Most of it's profits go into local environmental protection groups. The leader of their 'pack' may be something they call a "Glasswalker". A shifter that has lifted itself above the mud, flora and fauna of being a beast and is comfortable being in a developed area with others.

Unknown elements to investigate
The disappearance of the Malkavian Primogen might have something to do with it, or not. It's sometimes difficult to separate the insight from the insanity.

The man at the coffee shop. The Prince was not known to shy away or be uncomfortable when meeting with (what is presumed to be) a Kine. It also seems highly unlikely any group of hunters would have had a sit down to discuss terms. It's possible this was just a business opponent. Leave no stone unturned.

Most of the ghouls have moved on to other cities to be with other Domitors, or now that they are free from the effects of the bond, are trying to get as far from Kindred society as possible. Ghouls you can still talk to are:

Jack Nimball: The owner of the store that doubled as the Malkavian's haven. Extremely intelligent with an obsession with puzzles of all kinds (That predates his being a ghoul, but likely was part of what attracted Tom).

Armando Garcia: Leader of this 'chapter' of the Latin Kings, Billy's ghoul. <Address of their gang 'headquarters' is given>
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