Essex Manor

Essex Manor
Above: How it supposedly looked before.

Essex Manor
#EssexManor How it looks now

The site known as Essex Manor has undergone an unusual transformation, adding to the conspiracy theories and mystery around it.

Supposedly there was a neo-Gothic manor nestled firmly in the center of the forests north of the city, possessing rearranging rooms and hallways. Rumors said that a disturbing aura radiated from the place, keeping animals far away from it and filling most people with an uneasiness at best, and a slowly onsetting panic attack at worst. It was said the immediate grounds around the building were disturbingly well groomed, and the manor itself was without any broken windows, busted down doors, or anything else that would indicate it's true age or that it was seemingly abandoned.

Over the decades people have disappeared, rumors that these unfortunate souls tried to stay in the mansion and paid for it with their lives. Though the investigations into the house have never turned up anything.

That has apparently all changed. Now, where this campfire story fodder once sat is an entrance to what looks like underground storage, utility maintenance tunnel access, or an old civil defense bunker. Was the manor ever really there? Was everything about it fabricated? Or has someone stumbled upon a new thing in search of the manor?

There are no markings or signs on or around this new structure. The grounds around it are still decently mowed, though the ornate benches are now gone. Without the allure and aura of the fantastical place that seemed to exist before, local interest in the locale is likely to drop.