Darien Fawkes
Vital Stats
Name:Darien Fawkes
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Blue-green
Age:Late 30's
Self-identifying song (IC)Imagine Dragons - Demons
Quote:"I'm nobody special. I just have a knack, and a very unusual set of circumstances. I'm a simple man, too bad my life is complicated."

Darien seems to be a pretty easy going guy, with his own peculiar wit. His style of dress is atypical, easily identified by his bowler shirts, and other dress that makes it seem he probably shops at thrift stores.
Darien is fond of sleight of hand and card tricks, and has a number of odd personality quirks such as a love of movies and quoting them with bad impersonations when the opportunity presents itself.
Rumor is that he either works at or for the IRS or some government agency.