HAVE FUN! But please use common sense. Typically telling a complete stranger your plans to kill someone is not very bright, nor is whipping out Arms of the Abyss or higher levels of Protean in the middle of a crowded club.

The ST is the final word. He will listen to any complaints or problems you may have, but remember, decisions will be made based on the best interest of the game as a whole.

Remember, this is a "World of Darkness" - bad things happen, unpleasant things happen. Things that we as players (and possibly our characters) won't like. If mature and potentionally disturbing or cruel things bother you, this may not be the game for you. This also means there isn't any "I didn't agree to that!" objections. If a crazed maniac with a flamethrower BBQs you out of no-where and the dice favors the attacker... sorry.

IF A CONFLICT ARRISES, whether it be regarding the effect of one thing against another, or if something can or can not be done, if the problem can not be resolved rationally and maturely, the scene should be paused until the ST can be informed of it by the parties involved, AND ONLY BY the parties involved. This will insure that people who are not fully aware of the situation do not cause complications.
To keep from ruining game play, we suggest that you have a secondary, back-up character to play till the Paused Scene can be resolved.

During a fight, keep a note about where you are (because we do enforce range modifiers, etc Ė kinda hard to punch a guy when heís shooting at you from across a room). Ask a ST, if you are in a somewhat public place, the police may show up before the fight is over.


We are currently allowing vampire and mortals (and hedge magicians on a case-by-case). We use 3rd edition for creation rules, system rolls, and discipline / discipline levels. No official merits or flaws are banned (as long as they fit the character and are well justified). Though please keep in mind that things may be rejected based on the needs of the channel or other existing characters / storylines. We use The Combat Book for weapon/modifier damage and difficulty.

All characters get a total of 30 freebies during the creation process. Expenditure of these freebies can be contested by the ST to prevent a char from having an unacceptable inbalance. These are meant to give your character more depth. In some cases you can go above 5 dots in backgrounds and other stats. This usually only happens when you've created an in-depth history/background of your character and have a good reason for going above 5. THIS CAN NOT APPLY TO GENERATION OR TO SUPERNATURAL RATINGS (disciplines, numina, etc).
You can download a basic Vampire character generator here Please note, double clicking on a template will not let the template load correctly, this generator is a little quirky. When the program opens, just drag and drop the template you want or open it from the 'File > Open' command in the program.


All characters MUST have a .txt or .doc file containing a history of their char. This can either be handed in separately, or if you are using the original VTM Char creation program, you can convert the .vmc to an ascii file (under File in the program), and add your history to the end of it. The more detailed and in depth your history, the better. You might even get a bonus if it's good enough. This file is required to show where/how you have whatever backgrounds you pick, equipment you have, fears (and why), everything. Your char may not be authorized right away, because all of that information will be taken into account and cleared as part of your character. If it isnít in that file, you donít have it until it has been properly RPíd out. So make sure you list EVERYTHING that could even be contested, to ensure no problems later on. This file will also be how you justify any Experience that you have spent on your character.