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Typically Roleplaying occurs in the evening (Eastern time).

There are almost always Storylines running, however it is the PLAYERS responsibility to discover them, decide to what extent they want to get involved, then find a way to do so. Just as in real life, there is no one you can go to and say "Hey! Can you influence the course of fate and destiny so can happen?"

There are a broad range of storylines running, but almost all of them require the time to meet other characters and earn their trust (or get the attention of someone's enemy by earning the ire of a character ).

Some characters just won't like or get along with another. Don't take it personally; if your character is the silent-brooding type or the ultra-shy type, don't get upset that no one is talking to you.

Consent: sometimes things happen to you that you don't want to happen. That's part of life, and even more-so in the World of Darkness. This game can deal with mature themes, and may involve unpleasantness. You won't always be able to complain OOC that you didn't want something to happen. If this is something you might not be prepared for, this game may not be for you.

For info on character creation and house rules, please click here.

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