Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I submit a sheet? What do I use?
We used to use one of the really well done Char sheet generators. Sadly, it's now obsolete. We are moving to the impressively well done Mr. Gone sheets.
Mr. Gone also has a Patreon! Please support him. If none of these sheets fit your character, please talk to the STs!

Why is this website so basic?!
The Webmaster likes old school, simple HTML. This admittedly basic website was all written in notepad (WYSIWYG? We don't need no stinkin' WYSIWYG!). As the website is refreshed and updated, we are focusing on getting the game-critical items in place. Things like hyperlinking other pages, or resources, will come later. Maybe. We'd rather be playing than writing HTML. ;)

What are the limits/rules around spending XP?
1. Most things should have some RP backing them up. Taking night classes at the community college for Computers. Burning up an evening getting tutoring from a law student or recent law grad. If you haven't tried to do/use that trait/ability, you can't justify buying it.
2. Disciplines. To learn a new discipline, even in-clan-but-I-have-no-dots, requires a tutor and RP time. If it is a "linear" discipline, where the power doesn't change, just becomes more powerful (celerity, potence, fortitude for example), you do not need a teacher after the first dot, but you do need still show RP time using them. Non-linear abilities need to be tutored at every level. 3. Abilities are usually limited to about 1 dot per ~1 month of real time (With supporting RP).
4. Physical attributes are 1 dot per ~3 months. Because building strength and endurance is tough!
5. Manipulation can be raised at 1 dot per ~3 months as well. Because learning and becoming proficient in psychological fuckery is as tough as pumping iron.
6. Mental attributes are seriously case by case (really damn rare). While a person can memorize things and become more educated, that doesn't necessarily increase their IQ (Intelligence). Similar for Perception and Wits. So be sure you're happy with the Mental attributes of your character... they may never change!

Can you blood boost past 5 in Physical traits, even if 5 is your Gen cap?
This is a trick I had completely forgotten about till a player used it not too long ago. Or at somepoint in the past we had ruled against it, and I forgot about it. The point is, becaue we're pretty lax with Bloodpool management, no. 5 is the limit.

How often do we get XP?
There is currently no set time or play-amount restrictions around XP. We reward based on the quality of play when you are around. If you are playing regularly and working to actively build relationships with people, and/or manipulating them or recruiting them or otherwise interacting with them with a goal that is more than just socail play, you can be rewarded for it. Notify the STs of who you're doing what with and why. Sometimes log snippets will be requested. STs are not telepaths, and we trust players enough that we don't feel we need to constantly skim the dice-bots logs. SO we might not recognize how tough or impacting a scene was to the character, or just how awesome they were (especially if the ST isn't around!)

Why no forums?
We used to have them, and we might have them again! Outside of the occasional "mortal news" post (or Kindred news post), we didnít see them used much, so when we changed hosts, we didnít bother to reinstall it. The majority of communications are shared when people have the time to sign on. We might make a "News" page or something else like that on the website, too.

What about a wiki?
A wiki is being toyed with to make sure it plays nice with our host. No promises it'll go live.

Is the city Camarilla controlled?
Yes, however there are Sabbat forces lurking around, and theyíre smarter than the typical shovelheads.

Can I play a Sabbat?
Itís possible, but please note the statement above, if your Sabbat character is going to leave a string of dead bodies, they may not last longÖ likewise playing a Tzimisce or Lasombra could be very limiting (the former because they tend to look like monsters by choice, the latter because the clan flaw can make them stick out in the wrong places).

What about [insert rare clan]?
We are happy to discuss concepts. Sometimes we turn things down than see a player create a character that will likely be killed off quickly. The biographies and motivations for a character in those rarer clans will also need to be fleshed out better, and make sure that player and STs are on the same page about what is known or understood. We donít make people play clan stereotypes or culture, but they can come back and bite a character in the ass.

Are any clans harder or easier to play than others?
Not by direction or intention of the STs! We let players decide for themselves how much their characters clan or lore will affect how they treat other characters. We won't tell you that your character must distrust the Setite, or want to chase out the Thinbloods. If you want to play up to those stereotypes, that's okay too! Now, if you decide to play a Nosferatu, and take every Insect "merit", and don't have Mask of 1k Faces... you could face some limiting situations without breaching the Masquerade and being hunted. If you do come to us with a concept that might prove mechanically difficult, we will tell you up front, so you can decide if you want the challenge.

What about Mages?
Mages are not accepted right now. Weíve had too many players roll in with mages that apparently could not distinguish between fostering some genuine interpersonal conflict, and trying to nuke the game from orbit ("It's the only way to be sure.").

What about Shifters, Changeling, or Wraith?
If we had an ST experienced with those systems, it would be considered. As we do not, so we canít properly review, approve, and plan for these characters right now. If you are interested in taking up this role, youíll need to play long enough for us to understand your style and thoughts on the game, to make sure itíd be a good fit.

How likely is it my character could die?
Overall, we donít like to flippantly kill off characters (even for "storyline reasons"). The rest depends on your character's actions and the dice. Itís probably about a 60/40 split. If your character is about to do something extremely unwise (like, attack a suspected powerful being with a shotgun), we may nudge the player and ask ďAre you really sure thatís what your character would do?Ē
Now sometimes that IS what the character would do *cough* Brujah *cough*. At that point, itíll come down to the attitude of dice, and the creature that was attacked. Some are more forgiving than others (by forgiving, it might mean your character isnít killed, but will wish they were).
Please donít abuse our wanting to try to help keep characters around longer to build up better storylines and more intricate maneuverings. Or you might be labeled a disruptive player.

How do you define a disruptive player?
This is not an exhaustive list, but should get the idea across. Disruptive players are typically players that bring in combat heavy characters with severe anti-social traits (not just the typical Brujah temper, but every movie clichť curmudgeon and psychopath rolled into one). These are characters that will take every opportunity to see something as an insult, and want to fight or be a nuisance for the perceived offender. These players will also tend to have characters that will have motive or personality swings (separate from the D.I.D. that some Malks have) which do not fit the character. They also will try to find the most destructive Ďresolutioní to a storyline Ė this goes beyond finding a solution that lets one skip ahead a few modules in a story, or sometimes right to the end. This is more like ďI think the purse-snatcher who now has a Kindredís phone lives in that apartment building. Iím going to burn the building down.Ē We will warn and try to help these players, but ultimately may ask them to leave.

What's up with using super-notable characters from the White Wolf Books/media as "visiting NPCs"?
Simply put, these characters are usually well enough known that it makes it easy for everyone to understand the potential impact, and have solid reasons to act/react around them. They put these characters in the book for exactly that reason. Similar to the weight that comes with a title (such as a Justicar showing up), only with some more dimensions that might make characters more comfortable approaching them. After all, any Brujah should be completely open to going up to Nines or Smilin' Jack; compared to the Justicar example... most Kindred, even those of the same Clan, aren't going to want to proactively approach a Justicar.

Recommended Sources

Gothic (1986)
Interview with the Vampire (1994)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Elizabeth (1998)
Memento (2000)
The Prestige (2006)
The Matrix Trilogy
Strange Days (1995)
Metropolis (1927)
Pi (1998)
Dark City (1998)
The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

American Horror Story
Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me
Game of Thrones
Burn Notice
Warehouse 13

Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde
Murders in the Rue Morgue, by Edgar Allan Poe
The Thing on the Doorstep, by H.P. Lovecraft
Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly
Dracula, by Bram Stoker
The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas
The Sprawl Trilogy, by William Gibson
A Scanner Darkly, by Phillip K. Dick
The Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice